Saturday, December 1, 2007

Poem #2 (draft, E) - Coincidence, Perhaps

I mentioned a singer I like; you said you have his CD in your office
But you didn't have to tell me that -- you could have said you know the name
Perhaps you wanted me to stop by and listen

I'd been to Der Zauberfloete twice, when you offered tickets
But you set them aside for me
Perhaps you were disappointed when I didn't take them

That book you brought -- I was the one who took it home
But you brought it the day after I mentioned it
Perhaps you meant it for me

It was Valentine's day when you brought it
But you knew what day it was
And perhaps you suspected I'd have nothing else that day

Now that I've lost my fear of addressing you, I'm a thousand miles away
But I still wonder what you thought of me, really
Perhaps I suspected you cared

Perhaps you did

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